Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Looking Back

Today exactly four years ago, my motorcycle had been stolen out of my gated subterranean garage at the apartment I was living in. My car had been beaten into a piece of scrap metal in a parking lot... aaaand my computer crashed... all in the midst of final presentations.

Looking back, I realize that I always found a way to push pass the depression and get on with finding a solution, or just accepting my fate. Tears and self pity don't solve problems. Actions do. Sometimes it makes it seem like I have no emotions, but that's just adaption in effect. Things are always in constant motion. But as I got good at skipping out on sadness, I also began to overlook joy and satisfaction of my successes. I was overlooking the things that made my personal art worth doing. I was addicted to improving, upgrading, and to a degree, I still am. My art, my house, my car. Things could always be better. Perfection may be impossible, but I will settle for the perception of perfection.

I now realize few things have changed as I write this post into my birthday. It's not time to slow down just yet.


Wilson Huang said...

Ouch... Was that all in one day? :l
But glad that was all dealt and over with...Happy birthday Simon!

jbachdesign said...

Yo man, I didn't know all that shit happened on your birthday. Well I hope this one was better. Congrats on making it this far. Happy Birthday man!