Monday, August 11, 2014

Vis Comm 3 - Materials Rendering Demos

For the last few months, I've been fortunate to be teaching at Art Center College of Design in the Entertainment Design program. Visual Communication 3 for Entertainment is about realistic materials rendering using Adobe Photoshop. The technique is fairly repetitive, but can rapidly produce results with the creative combination of some basic Photoshop tricks. Here are some class demos in the 30-45 min range. Enjoy!

Original Sketch







Stone - Rough

Stone - Cracked

Stone - Brittle

Stone - Marble

Fabric - Tiger

Fabric - Blue Tiger

Fabric - Red Denim

Fabric - Digital Camo

Combined Materials


Chris Chien said...

How interesting to see a digital take on these vis com techniques! I remember when I used marker, prismacolor and just drew cubes and spheres of this stuff. :)

Simon Ko said...

Thanks! I remember the marker chalk days. The new generation doesn't have to get their hands (and paper) dirty, so their approach is more random. I try to reinforce a process similar to marker.